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Prosperity Step #3

Prosperity Step #3…”Assisted Passage To Your Ultimate Prosperity Destination – Part 1.”

Welcome to this post on The Ten Steps To Wealth blog site.

This post on the notion of gaining access to Assisted Passage on your journey along the pathway to prosperity has to do with the steps involved in accessing and experiencing prosperity.

Part one defines the differences between a competitive mindset… encouraged by societal conditioning, and a creative mindset… encouraged by all the timeless great sages.

It concentrates on using your creative mindset and tapping into the universal energy fields of causality, or first cause because it’s your gateway to prosperity and financial freedom.

In order to play the starring role in your new life script… (your homework from prosperity step #1) it’s important to understand some of the workings of your mind. When you do, you can learn to tap into the true powers available to you.

In The Science of Getting Rich, Wallace D Wattles said, “You don’t get rich by doing certain things, you get rich by doing things in a certain way.” (1903)

So what is this “certain way” and why do so many people get it so wrong?

It’s important to concentrate on “things in a certain way”. You can be doing all the right things, but if you’re not doing them in a certain way, you may never become successful. Like any formula, it’s no good having all the right ingredients but putting them together in the wrong order.

The pathway towards your goals can sometimes be challenging and sometimes confusing. Therefore it’s extremely important that your reasons for achieving are stronger than the excuses that prevent your growth.

If your reasons are not strong enough, if your beliefs are lacking and if doubts overcome you… you risk failing to achieve your outcomes.

Within your brain is the activity we call mind. Some minds can be described as competitive while others can be described as creative. 

People who lack freedom and remain incarcerated operate from what’s known as a competitive mindset. People who achieve economic from personal freedom operate from what’s described as a creative mind.

People who operate from a competitive mind are always trying to be “right” which means that they’re always at effect. They’re held back by internal limits. They’re trapped in an unconscious version of “right way” thinking, and while they’re not often conscious of it, they’re forever dealing with inner judgement, limitation and sacrifice.

They’re struggling with unseen energies because they believe in a limited supply model of prosperity.

A competitive mindset can never encourage the flow of… “doing things in a certain way”.

To attract the prosperity you want, you must tap your higher creative powers.

There are no reason for limits other than those imposed by Consumption Code Living. Outside this code of living, there are no limits to the enjoyment you can experience.

Those who operate through a creative mind realise that their power to create is truly unlimited. They realise that it’s possible to exponentially increase effectiveness by tapping into higher order faculties of mind.

Creative mindscaping is fertile. Through it, you can gain exposure to your unrealised potential because this potential already exists within, around and through you.

Everything in the manmade world was made manifest through thinking and higher order mind faculties. You must become skilled in the non-physical world in order to manifest a new reality in the physical world.

Here’s a short testimonial from one of the past graduates of The Pathway To Prosperity. Paul… “On my goal board I have I QUIT MY JOB right in the centre so that is the first thing I see each day. All my life I have never put much thought into the process of how we obtain things that we really want. Now I think about it, we all have a goal board in our minds. The difference between the one in our heads and the one on my wall is the one on the wall stays in focus.” Scott

Remaining focused through a creative mind is the second most powerful thing you can do to achieve prosperity. The first most powerful thing you can do is to become as focused as a laser beam. This means attending to your intention on a daily basis.

In the expanded webinar versions of these 11 steps coming up soon… I’ll show you how to do this.

Step #4 continues in the next post…

Talk again soon,

Paul Counsel
Money Mastery Mentor

“The top 1% of the most endorsed mentors in Australia”. LinkedIn

Creator < Money Mastery 3% Acceleration Program>


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  • Yvette Diaz July 16, 2014, 1:21 pm

    “There are no reason for limits other than those imposed by Consumption Code Living. Outside this code of living, there are no limits to the enjoyment you can experience.”

    This is such a bold statement which suggests that we really have a lot of choice as to how our lives are.

    • admin August 7, 2014, 1:25 am

      Yes Yvette… Always remember that your life reflects back the stories you keep telling yourself…

      Depending on your stories, your results will either reflect back prosperity or they will reflect back lack.

      Remember that you are the author who creates and manifests every single second of every single day… nobody can do to you what you’re not already doing to yourself.

      So what stories are you continuing to tell yourself?

      Are you creating the life of your dreams?

      Or does half the world need to get out of your way before something like this can happen?

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