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Prosperity Step #4

Prosperity Step #4… “Assisted Passage To Your Ultimate Prosperity Destination – Part 2.”

Welcome to The Ten Steps To Wealth blog site. This series of posts on the pathway to prosperity is #4 so make sure you see the previous three because they’re all connected and they describe the series of 11 steps I took to unlearn my old conditioned ways around money so that I could learn new ways. The end result was financial freedom in a relatively short period of time.

If you follow the same steps and really practice them, I’m sure you can achieve similar results. The only reason you wouldn’t is because you’re allowing yourself to be distracted in some way.

Distraction means “broken focus” and whenever you allow “broken focus” to become part of your life, you can never achieve the prosperity goals you set for yourself.

These 11 steps are not the actual money making steps I took… they’re the steps I used to recondition my money mind. The actual money making steps are available in the books I’ve written to give you a complete blueprint of dead flat broke to multimillionaire. If you’d like to read a copy, you can find them here http://www.paulcounsel.com.au/products/index.php

Assisted Passage Pt 2 is all about why most people can glimpse their potential prosperity yet still fall short of their dreams.

If this describes you, these experiences happen because you’ve yet to make the necessary changes in the most powerful part of your mind.

Those who succeed are those who apply the necessary energy to change their subconscious responses to the world around them…

Renowned scientists, such as Bruce Lipton, have spent many years attempting to change people’s understanding of what controls the expression of their lives.

The #1 controlling factor in health, happiness, fulfilment and financial effectiveness is belief.

It’s the subconscious beliefs programmed into your mind through the processes of enculturation that limit you. What would your results be if your subconscious beliefs matched your conscious desires?

The #2 controlling factor is that very few beliefs are ever changed by an intellectual understanding of them.Most people understand that limiting beliefs hold them back but they don’t do the necessary emotional or psychological work to change their beliefs.

Beliefs do one of two things. They either reinforce limitation or they accelerate success. There’s no shades of grey here.

“To pursue wealth, real, independent wealth, you have to discharge yourself from a number of things… and not just the obvious things such as debt and unnecessary expenses.” Barry Goss

And, because of broken focus, that’s the one thing that most people can’t do. They can’t discharge themselves from ineffective thinking and old habit patterns.

Distraction is basically anything that breaks focus and anything that’s used to numb your mind and emotions. This is where most people go when they’re stressed or overwhelmed.

It’s the easiest thing to do, it’s ineffective in terms of the prosperity results you want, but it’s easy. The more time you spend in distraction… the more time you spend away from what you want.

So why do it? Why keep allowing yourself to be distracted?

When you keep allowing yourself to be distracted, you’re not really happy but you’re not unhappy enough to make some serious changes. Living in distraction depletes your time and diminishes your potential.

Distraction = You can’t control the outcomes you want until you tap an energy that allows you to live above the distractions you’re allowing yourself to experience.

To gain the freedom you desire, you must bring structure and order to your thinking.

The secret to gaining prosperity faster than you otherwise might is to engage your imagination to help build and reinforce an image of what you want so that it becomes clear in your mind’s eye.

Do not sway from this task and work on it everyday to make it stronger. The stronger it becomes, the more you’ll begin authoring the thoughts, behaviours and beliefs of prosperity.

An author can only complete a book by focusing on the actions of authoring…

If you fail to focus on the outcomes you want, the more you’ll be authoring from limiting beliefs, distraction and fragmented thinking.

Your life then becomes the book you authored… limiting beliefs, distraction, drama and poor financial results.

You’re worth much more than this aren’t you? Or are you?

Step #5 continues in the next post…

Talk again soon,

Paul Counsel
Money Mastery Mentor

“The top 1% of the most endorsed mentors in Australia”. LinkedIn

Creator < Money Mastery 3% Acceleration Program>



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  • Yvette Diaz August 8, 2014, 3:13 am

    Harsh but true.

    I want to enjoy my life and experience things but if you want to get to point X you have to have hard-core focus on it.

    Some people seem to be able to be really flexible and have a lot of different things going on in their lives and still achieve. This doesn’t work for the majority I guess.

  • Leona August 7, 2014, 3:46 am

    Your Ten Steps to Wealth is transforming my mind and how I can better myself and gain ultimately what we all want, financial freedom

    Thank you
    Looking forward to #5

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