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Prosperity Step #8

Prosperity Step #8… “Anything That Is Worthwhile Doing, Is Worth Starting Now… Regardless of whether you’re “ready” or not!

Welcome to The Ten Steps To Wealth

This series of posts is based on the 11 steps I took to become financially free. Together, they form The Pathway To Prosperity.

This step is about developing an ability to seize the moment and start your journey now.

Don’t wait for another moment… don’t keep procrastinating, or resisting, or waiting for things to be “perfect”.

And don’t over think what you need to do or what might happen. Because this will just keep you locked within the results you have today.

It’s far more productive to learn from trial and error processes than it is from resistance and perfectionism which literally get you nowhere.

There’s a tendency in society to insulate ourselves in order to create a buffer between ourselves and the joys and happiness we experience so we don’t lose what we have. We love to render ourselves safe… in case what we have is taken away.

But when we do this, we no longer feel the freedom we once had as a child.

Price Pritchett knew of this tendency when he wrote, “Getting ready is actually, quite frankly, a stalling tactic, an act of anxiety, a con game you’re working on yourself. You’re already able to escape to a higher plain of performance. If you wait until you get it perfect, you’ll never get it at all.”

In step #7, I mentioned that the ultimate example of determined focus is to look for the circumstances you want and if you can’t find them, then make them.

I also mentioned that the critical task I face as a mentor… it’s getting people to focus on the outcomes they want instead of the daily distractions that pull them in all sorts of non-productive directions.

In life, you meet people who are happy to be “spectators” of what goes on. They follow socially engineered pathways of living and never question the status quo. They play safe, but never really engage.

Others take on more of a “tourist” role. They go where people have gone before and follow well worn pathways to predetermined destinations.

Unbeknown to most people, that’s exactly what social engineering does. It teaches them how to earn money, then spend money, then borrow money. And every year, people cycle through waves of earn… spend… and borrow… without ever realising how little they progress.

A third group could be described as “explorers” who are curious and set courses that take them into new territory. They’re the ones who have the courage to discover their way forward before the territory is fully mapped.

Success and prosperity depend on your ability to explore.

There are two ways to move forward on your journey of making more money or creating financial freedom…

The first is to develop curiosity and become an explorer if you want to achieve all you’re yet to experience. It’s all about making a start and discovering the territory ahead of you.

In essence, it’s about starting before you’re ready and then learning all you need to learn as you go.

Now this concept might clash with your subconscious conditioning, but in truth we do it most all the time.

Whenever we attempt to learn a new skill we often start before we know what to do.

The second way is probably more certain. It’s engaging a mentor… a guide if you like…

It’s learning directly from someone who has made the journey of financial freedom many times before. Someone who has a track record of successfully teaching others how to make more money and increase their cash flow.

The way I currently support explorers is through my weekly live mentoring Q&A sessions.

Sadly though, instead of engaging mentors, one of the biggest mistakes that’s often made is following the advice of others before you work out whether or not that advice is effective.

Quite often, following the advice of “non-qualified others” has disastrous consequences because we’re not following explorers or mentors… we’re following the advice of spectators and tourists who are struggling to find their own way.

One thing to bear in mind is that as soon as you make a fully committed decision to have prosperity in your life, you immediately strike out in that direction.

This necessitates leaving behind those who are talking but not acting.

When I was starting out, a sense I developed quite quickly was a ‘sense of urgency’ for getting important things done.

Even though I didn’t really know what to do, I spent my time practicing the acquisition of new skills.

So make sure your focus is effective and purposefully directed.

The time to start the acquisition of new skills is now, don’t wait until you are ready.

If you want to earn $100,000, passively you can only learn by doing because it’s the only way to convert information into useful experience.

Achievers are self directed, have effective self-images, dream big, control their time, work at getting important things done and nurture harmonious lives.

You have exactly the same potential to similarly shape your results.

Step #9 continues in the next post…

Talk again soon,

Paul Counsel
Money Mastery Mentor

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