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Prosperity Steps #2…

Prosperity Step #2… “There is nothing for you to ‘fix’ – there is only something to think.”

Welcome to The Ten Steps To Wealth series. This post concentrates on the second prosperity step I took towards developing all the financial freedom I now enjoy.

It’s funny when you think about it but…  there’s more self improvement information available today than at any other time in history.stick_figures_carry_custom_text_on_stretcher_12309

And the self help and self improvement industry out sells the scientific industry by a factor of 3 to 1. Yet, for most people, the struggle to fix something still continues.

As a result of this struggle, we seem to have more loneliness, more financial hardship, more dissatisfaction, more frustration, more unhappiness , more depression, more broken families, and more personal disconnection than any other time in history. It’s a strange feeling…

boxy_robot_hold_wrench_400_clr_14592If you’re anything like me, you almost feel as though lots of things are broken in someway and that you need to repair so much before you can even think about starting your journey towards prosperity.

Because it’s part of your conditioning, it’s easy to subconsciously take on the idea that there must be ball_n_chain_freedom_400_clr_6883something wrong with you if you’re not already financially free.

There are so many parts of mainstream media that want you to continue to believe in this myth. They want you to believe that something is wrong and it needs fixing. This belief is completely wrong. YOU don’t need to be ‘fixed’ because there’s nothing wrong.

If you think you need ‘fixing’, you’ll always look for someone to help ‘fix’ you. That you need ‘fixing’ is a myth. It’s an illusion designed to keep you trapped in your current set of circumstances.

If anything needs fixing’… it’s the idea that says you need to be fixed’.

That’s why I’ve called the second prosperity step…

There’s nothing for you to “fix”… There’s only something for you to think!

There is nothing broken in you, you’re not wrong, you don’t need to fix anything…

If you’re not as prosperous or financially free as you’d like to be, the only thing that really needs to be addressed is your thinking… because thought causes all.

If you’re not experiencing the type of lifestyle you want, it’s the type of information you process, and the way you process it, that keeps you disconnected from the lifestyle you’re seeking.

The way you think determines the money code you follow. One money code allows you to be wealthy while the other money code robs you of time, choice and freedom.

Money codes are often multi-layered and imprinted during your formative years. They’re imprinted by people who essentially meant well but had no idea that they were limiting your potential. Rather than learning a money code that enabled you to be free, you were imprinted with collective money agreements that amounted to endless cycles of earn, spend and borrow.

If you keep following these endless cycles, they’ll keep taking you to the same places. Prosperity and financial freedom mean evolving your present money code and I’ll show you how to do that in a series of webinars and Q&A’s I have planned.

So keep your eyes open for more information on their availability.

Essentially though, different knowledge, learning, belief, determination and application are the keys to a different world. They’re literally the keys that help you unlock your full potential so you can confidently stride away from a routine life.

If you want to experience more prosperity, you only need to start thinking your way through a series of prosperity’s lessons. That’s what I did.

A few years ago, I decided that I no longer wanted to live life in the way I was conditioned to live it. I decided to mindscape a new “future” and to start developing my million dollar mind.

And this is exactly what the 11 steps in the Pathway To Prosperity are all about. They’re the steps I took to recondition my mind in a way that allowed me to become financially free.

If you want to experience economic and personal freedom you must develop the thinking and behaviours that are responsible for economic and personal freedom.

This means changing your current money code.

In the expanded webinar versions of these 11 steps I’ll show you how to do this.

In the mean time, a little of what step #3 is about continues in the next post…

Step #3 continues in the next post…

Talk again soon,

Paul Counsel
Money Mastery Mentor

“The top 1% of the most endorsed mentors in Australia”. LinkedIn

Creator < Money Mastery 3% Acceleration Program>



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  • Michael July 16, 2014, 5:41 pm

    I would like to share an example of the money code imprinting that I experienced in a recent conversation at work. I raised the idea that our salary review should at least match inflation otherwise we are going backwards. To my surprise this was met with immediate opposition. Apparently that is a raise and we should not expect it unless we work harder. Wooha.
    Bring on your insights Paul.

  • Yvette Diaz July 14, 2014, 7:21 am

    Mostly I can’t even imagine what it’s like not to feel like I need to fill a void or ‘fix’ some part of me, my life, or society.

    Like most people I’ve bought into this ‘myth’ and spent a fair amount of my income on self-‘improvement’, things, and ‘education’.

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